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An Overview of Ceph

An Overview of Ceph

Ceph has emerged as one of the leading distributed storage platforms. By using commodity hardware and software-defined controls, Ceph has proven its worth as an answer to the scaling data needs of today’s businesses.

Ceph allows storage to scale seamlessly. When properly deployed and configured, it is capable of streamlining data allocation and redundancy. Automated rebalancing ensures that data is protected in the event of hardware loss. New servers can be added to an existing cluster in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Fast and accurate read / write capabilities along with its high-throughput capacity make Ceph a popular choice for today’s object and block storage needs. [Read more…] about An Overview of Ceph

Hosting Comparison – In-House vs. Colocation vs. Managed

Hosting Comparison – In-House vs. Colocation vs. Managed

Choosing how to host your business’s application or product is crucial to ensuring your IT Infrastructure can perform and scale. Success (or failure) is defined by how you manage and apply the resources at your disposal. In-House Hosting, Colocation, and Managed Hosting require different considerations for efficient and effective deployment. Today we look at nine areas to consider when choosing, or migrating to, one of these hosting options.

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What is a Hybrid Cloud

What Is a Hybrid CloudFor over a decade, cloud hosting has gained traction in the business community due to its cost and scalability benefits. However, as it’s become popular, many companies have realized that relying on a solely cloud-based infrastructure can be inefficient and, at times, ineffective. Companies must keep client data secure to maintain governmental compliance. Site performance must remain stable during daily and seasonal web traffic spikes. These needs, among others, have given rise to a Hybrid Cloud architecture that allows companies to securely maintain its core operations and handle any unusual traffic or processing needs. [Read more…] about What is a Hybrid Cloud

Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers – 5 Differences Compared

Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers – 5 Differences ComparedWhether you’ve just been tasked with finding a new hosting platform for your company’s website, or you’ve just departed the corporate world to build a “better mousetrap”, you will be faced with many decisions on how to handle your website or applications. When researching hosting options, it doesn’t take long to identify dedicated servers and cloud servers as the two most popular options. The question then becomes, how do you decide which is better for your specific application or business model. In this article, we compare five key factors to consider when choosing a server.

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The Benefits of IP Transit

IP Transit – The Benefits for Your BusinessIP Transit’s role in facilitating Internet access for today’s highly connected business environments is critical. Without reasonably priced, accessible IP Transit offerings, businesses in every imaginable sector would lose many of the efficiencies that are now the foundation of their current Information Technology plans. Given the proliferation of cloud-based business services, such as Office 365, and continued development of enhanced information technology services both on-premise and otherwise, access to reliable network resources through services such as IP Transit remain critical. [Read more…] about The Benefits of IP Transit

What is IP Transit?

What is IP Transit? – Having an in-depth understanding of IP Transit will allow you to make better decisions about accessing the Internet and how your customers reach you

If your business utilizes the Internet in any capacity, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the end result of IP Transit. However, having a more in-depth understanding of IP Transit will allow you to make better decisions about how your business accesses the Internet and how your customers reach your applications and services. In order to fully understand what IP Transit is and how it effects your business, we first need a better understanding of what the Internet is. We know that the Internet is a global set of interconnected networks that speak common protocols to exchange information. However, for the purpose of this article, we will go further into how these networks function and how IP Transit ties them all together. [Read more…] about What is IP Transit?