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Equinix CH3 Data Center

Chicago Data Center

Equinix CH3

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and one of the largest cities in the world. Benefitting from it's central location, relatively inexpensive power, and one of the largest concentrations of companies in the US, Chicago has become an ideal location for hosting critical internet infrastructure.

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Equinix AT1 Data Center

Atlanta Data Center

Equinix AT1

Atlanta is a premier interconnection point for the south-eastern United States. Home to the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies of major cities in the US, Atlanta has seen explosive growth in information technology and transportation in recent decades. This explosive growth has has been...

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Equinix MI3 Data Center

Miami Data Center

Equinix MI3

Miami is the US gateway to Latin America. In many cases, Miami (and South Florida in general) serves as Latin America's gateway to itself. Miami's proximity to Latin America and a booming local economy have made it an ideal location for technology growth. Technology investments, such as...

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Equinix LA1 Data Center

Los Angeles Data Center

Equinix LA1

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Content companies, large corporations, and a metropolitan population of almost 19 million people, make it a huge draw for both business and capital. Technology companies have flocked to Silicon Beach in recent years, seeking cheaper rents...

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Voxility IRD Data Center

Bucharest Data Center

Voxility IRD

Bucharest is the sixth largest city in the European Union. It is also one of the eastern-most cities in the EU, allowing excellent connectivity between east and west. Recent growth in IT and technology employment in Romania has lead Bucharest, in particular, to be one of the largest concentrations of...

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Choosing the appropriate datacenter for hosting your critical IT infrastructure is the key to achieving your availability and performance goals. Competition and growth in the hosting market has only increased in recent years. This has lead some providers to focus purely on cost - typically leading to a lower quality offering over time as margins shrink. Genesis Adaptive focuses on acquiring space in the world's most connected and secure facilities, ensuring that your dedicated, cloud, or colocated infrastructure remains online and available. Explore our datacenters or contact us for a custom quote.

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