Infrastructure Consulting

Professional advising, setup, and integration of your IT infrastructure

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Storage Consulting

Establish reliable, redundant storage systems that empower your products.

Nimble Storage

Nimble storage combines an iSCSI array with industry-leading software to provide an enterprise-level storage platform. Fusing solid-state drives with traditional storage allow Nimble to prioritize and deduplicate data. As a result, it excels at streamlining virtual machines, facilitating large-scale storage, and supercharging robust applications.

Nimble Storage Array Hardware

FUSE Storage

Our FUSE Storage Solutions are powered by commodity hardware instead of proprietary solutions. This allows you to build a hyper-scale storage infrastructure that scales linearly and increases performance with each server that is added. When proven open-source software (like GlusterFS or Ceph) is combined with flexible and widely available hardware, it makes for a cost-efficient and highly scalable storage solution.

Gluster Storage Logo Gluster

Ideal For

  • Object Storage
  • Large File Sizes
  • Archiving
  • Static Files

CEPH Storage Logo Ceph

Ideal For

  • Block Storage
  • Mass Storage
  • Low Latency
  • Virtualization

Network Storage

By supporting FreeNAS and Openfiler network storage platforms, we offer a solution for your unique use case. Our extensive experience with these well-known, open-source storage platforms allows us to evaluate and recommend the solution that fits your performance and application requirements. OpenFiler and FreeNAS can be deployed on any of our dedicated servers or can be provisioned in an on-premise environment.

FreeNAS Network Storage Logo FreeNAS

Ideal For

  • NAS Deployments
  • ZFS Support
  • Data Deduplication
  • SMB / AFP

OpenFiler Network Storage Logo OpenFiler

Ideal For

  • iSCSI Deployments
  • XFS Support
  • DRBD Replication
  • Active Directory
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Microsoft Consulting

Deployment, migration, and management of Microsoft products and services

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Educational Consulting

Experienced and proven educational IT solutions

Education consulting can involve: campus and multisite networking, technology acquisition, Microsoft consulting, VOIP and intercom, Cisco wireless networking, AD federation, cloud strategy, and Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

The Benefits

Over the past 8 years, Genesis Adaptive has helped over 30 schools establish and maintain a variety of IT Solutions. During this time, we have grown familiar with the needs of educational institutions and have crafted custom solutions designed for consistency and scale. We aim to be a reliable long-term solution for your school / district’s IT consulting needs.

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Security Consulting

We'll help you detect vulnerabilities and secure your products.

Our Process

Security Offerings

Firewall Security

By supporting the Palo Alto and pfSense platforms, we can assist in the design, deployment, and management of both enterprise and open-source solutions.

Firewall Security Services
  • IPSec
  • Management
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • High Availability
  • Dual Stack Network Protection

Operating System Security

Our team of trained engineers has extensive experience in Microsoft and Linux security, including vendor agnostic applications, databases, and authentication protocols.

OS Security Services
  • Core OS Security
  • Remote Access
  • Directory Integration
  • File System Security
  • Update and Patch Management

Cloud Security

Integrating your business operations with the cloud shouldn't lead to security headaches. Let our security team facilitate and manage your transition to the cloud.

Cloud Security Services
  • Instance Security
  • Storage Access Management
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Key / Certificate Management
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