Systems Monitoring

Keep your hardware, operating systems, network, and applications operating properly

Disaster Recovery

Get your product / service back online quickly

A backup of your entire infrastructure including web servers and database servers
Immediate Recovery includes a fully replicated environment and a comprehensive backup that is instantly available. Intermediate Recovery includes a virtually replicated environment and a comprehensive backup that takes 2-3 hours to become available. Manual recovery includes a comprehensive backup and takes 2-3 Days to become available.

Immediate Recovery

Instantaneous failover of DNS, applications, and databases managed by our Adaptive Support engineers. Immediate Recovery is fueled by a pre-built, fully-replicated, hot-standby environment capable of handling your full production workload at a moments notice. Downtime: None

Intermediate Recovery

Provides full backups of application / customer data that is ready to be deployed on a new cold-standby environment.  Our Adaptive Support engineers will assist with the implementation of Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, or a Hybrid Cloud to minimize system downtime. Downtime: 2-3 Hours

Manual Recovery

Manual Disaster Recovery provides baseline protection against critical business systems failure. By integrating a continuous data protection solution, such as R1Soft or Acronis, your key business application data is uploaded to the cloud, ready for manual restoration. Downtime: 2-3 Days

Systems Backup

Protect your product / service from data loss

Veeam – Backup Solution

Ideal for virtualization backups that are optimized for easier recovery.


  • Vendor Agnostic API Solution
  • Remote Management
  • Active Directory Backup
  • Optimized for Disaster Recovery
  • Built for VMWare
R1Soft – Backup Solution

Ideal for comprehensive, granular backups of your GA hosted dedicated server.


  • Advanced Restore Options
  • Higher Speed
  • MySQL and MSSQL Backups
  • Exchange Mailbox Backups
  • Microsoft and Linux OS
Acronis – Backup Solution

Ideal for OS backups, Microsoft SQL and AD, and Office 365 data.


  • Cloud Based
  • Remote Management
  • Office 365, SQL Server,
    Exchange Plugins
  • Multi-layer end user access
  • Microsoft and Linux OS

Windows Anti-Virus

Full anti-virus protection for your windows based environments

Windows Anti-Virus features: Deep Iitelligence, always up-to-date, lightweight client, deploys in seconds, no conflicts, no reimagine, RMM & PSA integrations, and hierarchical management.

The Benefits

As a Webroot Certified Service Provider, we are uniquely positioned to offer a lightweight and easily deployable anti-virus solution for your Windows server and desktop environments. Webroot Endpoint Security provides an always-on, cloud based solution to enable your business unique insight into threats affecting your infrastructure. Start protecting your Windows Server's / Desktops from only $4 per agent per month.

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Managed Security

A host of services to keep your ecosystem safe

Advanced Firewalls

Establish a hardware or software firewall to secure your network traffic

Palo Alto

With a Palo Alto Firewall, your network is protected by an established security fingerprint that is constantly adapting to new threats identified across Palo Alto’s extensive user base. This security fingerprint combines with port and IP configurations to allow your network to stay one step ahead of security threats.

Palo Alto Firewall Hardware


Whether your accessing your network in office or across a VPN, Cisco Firewalls provide vetted, industry-leading protection for your network. With Cisco’s new FirePOWER technology, your network benefits from multi-layered security that fuses threat-focused profiles with superior port management.

Cisco Firewall Hardware

Software Firewalls

Software-based firewalls offer a cost-efficient solution that can be implemented on your existing hardware. Our software firewall options allow for simple setup, robust configuration options, and dynamic management. If you're looking for a flexible solution that can leverage your current hardware, then a software firewall is a good option.

Cisco Firewall Hardware

IP Transit

Bringing together technology and a unique operational perspective to provide a superior network offering.

Network Support Graphic

The Benefits

Genesis Adaptive customers can leverage the same network for critical application hosting and existing customer workloads, providing operational consistency. A single pane of glass for both technology management and billing make for simplified account management. Genesis Adaptive offers:

  • Customized IP Transit Solutions
  • Individual Technical Support
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Rapid Provisioning and Setup
  • Expansive Product Offering with Unified Billing
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Load Balancing

Maintaining application availability in the event of hardware or software failure

All traffic is routed through a load balancer. When a server has an issue, the load balancer immediately reroutes traffic to functioning servers to minimize downtime.

Network Support

Eliminating the complexity of end-to-end network management 

Network Support Graphic

The Benefits

Our infrastructure management services allow you to focus on application and business development while certified engineers manage your network. Eliminate bottlenecks, unexplained outages, and configuration hassles for good. 

  • Cisco, Juniper, HP, Palo Alto, F5 
  • Certified Network Engineers
  • Capacity Planning
  • Centralized Billing of Servers and Management
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System Administration

Providing ongoing and on-demand systems oversight and issue resolution