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Backup your Veeam environment to the cloud

Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 organization, access to quality Internet that's designed for performance and low latency is key to your success in the digital economy. The Genesis Adaptive IP backbone was engineered from the ground up to provide low latency and high-performance connectivity.

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What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect is an integration within your existing Veeam infrastructure that allows connectivity to a highly secure and redundant offsite storage solution. Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to leverage your organizations existing investments in Veeam backup infrastructure, without the additional Capex requirements usually involved with setting up an offsite disaster recovery location. Utilizing Veeam Cloud Connect with Genesis Adaptive allows you to easily meet your RTO SLA's and data compliance requirements – saving your organization time and money.

Your Environment

Your existing infrastructure, backed up by Veeam, is typically is built on a VMware environment. However, with the latest version of Veeam Availability Suite, this is extended to physical servers and non-VMware environments as well. Your investment in on-site hardware, power, and cooling will continue to function as intended, with cloud backup repositories forming the core of your recovery objectives as described below.

Internet or Dedicated Connection

Backups through Veeam Cloud Connect are fully encrypted in transit to our datacenters. You can send this data to Genesis Adaptive over your existing internet infrastructure, or through a dedicated IP transit connection or point-to-point circuit. If you need assistance with backup seeding (i.e. you have an extensive amount of data and a slow connection), feel free to contact us.

The GA Gateway

The GA Gateway is where your data enters our secure, encrypted network – backed by redundant Palo Alto layer-7 firewalls. Our network engineers are constantly monitoring our network edge at multiple facilities across the US to detect anomalies and ensure consistent throughput and performance. This superior networking allows for highly available backup restoration, even during peak hours.

Cloud Backup

All critical data is stored in a redundant array of hard disks spanning two separate cabinets with diverse and individual power feeds. On-disk physical drive encryption is employed to ensure that your pre-encrypted Veeam backup data is also encrypted at rest. We follow strict disk destruction protocol including the deletion of both drive-encryption keys, and in the case of failed disks, complete hard drive destruction

Disaster Recovery Service

As part of your investment in Veeam Cloud Connect with Genesis Adaptive, you have the ability to leverage our extensive cloud resources. When disaster strikes, you can spin up replica VM's and hosts of your latest backups in minutes from your GA hosted backup repository. GA hosted cloud servers will continue to operate your business as usual until your primary facility is restored.

How Veeam Works
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The Benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect

Integrating with Veeam Cloud Connect has its perks.

Veeam for Disaster Recovery

Optimized for Disaster Recovery

Through our extensive investment in highly available hardware such as dual-path SAS disks, multiple storage controllers, dual network switches and network cards, and dual A+B data center power feeds, we're able to provide customers with industry-leading SLA's when it comes to backup restoration, data integrity and security, and overall responsiveness. Our Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure spans multiple datacenters, allowing you to choose one, or multiple, Geographic locations that work best for your organization.

Seamless Integration with Veaam

Seamless Integration
with Veaam

Veeam Cloud Connect with Genesis Adapive works well because of its inherent design. Veeam has engineered Cloud Connect from the ground up to be robust, secure, and easy to use. Integrating with the GA Cloud is as simple as typing in your username and password into your Veeam onsite console (after signup), and your encrypted connection to GA is established and ready to go. Backups can be immediately sent to the cloud, with minimal time investment.

Simple Setup and Usage

Simple Setup and Usage

By choosing Genesis Adaptive as your Veeam Managed Cloud Provider, you've selected a partner who understands how to keep backups simple - just as they should be. Getting started is as simple as signing up and receiving your password. Leveraging the industry-standard, Veeam-provided Cloud Connect Portal, you'll be able to utilize existing Veeam workflows to view and manage backups, making ongoing management and usage a breeze.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Reduced Capital Expenditure

You've already invested heavily in hardware, software, and manpower to establish your infrastructure. However, now must figure out offsite backups to guarantee the availability of that infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to translate Capex into Opex, lowering your total cost of ownership significantly over the long term, and decreasing complexity and operational capacity needs.

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Security Specifications

Your data security and compliance adherance are our top priority


Data security and compliance is at the core of our Veeam offering. Genesis Adaptive has extensive experience protocols and standards such as HIPAA, DoD 5220.22-M, and Full Disk Encryption (FDE). By utilizing data-in-transit encryption, the latest available encryption protocols, long keys, and local disk encryption, you can feel secure that your Veeam backup data follows your organizations existing data security and compliance procedures, and the applicable legal regulations.


Encryption is a key component of any shared storage environment. When data is transferred to a third party, encryption of both the data and the transit channel should be employed to ensure it's security and privacy. With Veeam backup by Genesis Adaptive, in-transit encryption is employed throughout the path between your environment and ours. Additionally, each drive has a unique encryption key that is removed upon replacement - ensuring that data at rest remains completely protected.

Hardware Security

Hardware security is more than just encryption. Ensuring controlled, monitored, and recorded access to your own hardware is most likely a part of your compliance strategy. Genesis Adaptive services are deployed in some of the world’s most secure data facilities, alongside major banks, financial institutions, hospitals, and other highly regulated entities. Access to our facilities is continuously monitored and audited to ensure we know who touched our equipment, when, and why.

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Veeam Cloud Builder

Choose the specifications that best fit your needs.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup:

Selecting the storage capacity for your cloud-based backup solution is an important task. Your backup size should be based on your projected need. Veeam cloud connect is billed on a per VM/per GB basis. This gives you a consistent model for upgrading services as required. When selecting space below, take into account your ongoing replications and data retention policy.

Backup Space

  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 3TB
  • 4TB
  • 5TB
  • 6TB
  • 7TB
  • 8TB
  • 9TB
  • 10TB

Number of Virtual Machines

    Your Configuration

    • Configuration
      • Backup Space:
      • 250GB
      • $42.50
      • Number of VMs:
      • $60
    • Total
      • Monthly Price:

    Finalize Your Solution

    Please provide us with some information and we will reach out to help you finalize your Veeam Cloud Backup configuration.


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